j’s jamaican flava

Passion for great food. Passion for pleasing the customer. Passion for getting it both right.

You are invited to come in, fall in love with the food you didn’t know you liked, and meet the friends you hadn’t met yet. So special are their customers that each year Hugh, Natasha and the rest of the staff give back by having a special event each year. This has continued to grow, bringing more and more fans of their special brand of Jamaican cuisine every year. For Natasha, owner/business manager and Hugh, creator/cook of the cuisine, this is the driving force behind their commitment to the restaurant.


owner / business manager

For Natasha, it is about sharing the joys of her native cuisine with the customers. Each person who comes through the door is special. Natasha also came from Jamaica over 10 years ago.


Creator / Chef

Although everyone will pitch in to help, it is Hugh who does the primary cooking. Prior to moving here over 20 years ago, Hugh learned to cook from his family in Jamaica. He strives to make sure every dish is satisfying and a joyful experience.



Adding a touch of spice to all dishes cooked.